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Client Services
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Anne Simmons
Co-Founder, President & CEO
Board Advisory Services

As a long-term professional in the banking and financial services industry, Anne Simmons understands that among the greatest challenges to growth is gaining proper insight into the business so that executives can assess risk and make critical strategic decisions in a timely manner. Decisions and risk assessment are not linear. Executives need multi-dimensional insight into their lines of business, market trends and regulatory sentiment.

Since 1985, Ms. Simmons has been an advisor to senior executive staff and directors of multi-national and Fortune 500 financial services companies. Her pragmatic approach has helped them to identify and address the new requirements in governance, business planning, product development, emerging technologies and compliance that come with growth. Her executive coaching services have helped to ensure the transfer of this critical knowledge to their teams.

In 2003, Anne Simmons founded Board Advisory Services (BAS) based on her fundamental belief that when organizations seek a balanced approach between ethics, controls and compliance they will enhance – not hinder – shareholder value. These business levers are not a drag on the P&L; rather they are vital controls that will protect the company’s standing and corporate reputation. Integrating these values into workflows and the corporate culture will foster accountability, transparency, and trust among employees, customers, shareholders and regulators.

As a seasoned professional who has consulted C-suite executives on numerous projects, business launches and technology assessments, Ms. Simmons is keenly aware that the best solution for many corporate challenges often resides within the existing teams. As a result, a primary focus of BAS is to tap into the talents that already exist, and to engineer solutions around those resources.

Prior to founding Board Advisory Services, Ms. Simmons held a number of executive positions and functions for a variety of financial services companies, where she gained the kind of pragmatic experience that executive-level clients of BAS rely on today to guide them through their business evolution.  Read More >>

Jay Simmons
Co-Founder & Chairman
Jay Simmons began his business life in corporate banking and has been an eyewitness to the global markets evolutions and transitions. He is an outspoken proponent of horizontally and vertically integrating business, compliance and risk strategies with the need to execute new business and organizational models to ensure leverage across channels, business units, and core functions for an optimized return on investment that increases shareholder value and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

Mr. Simmons has worked for the world’s top financial institutions in corporate finance, trade services and global treasury management being responsible for virtually every core function and has advised some of the world’s largest insurance, brokerage, manufacturing, retail and energy businesses. He has been an integral part of influencing and changing the landscape for global payments, corporate treasury, trade services and MicroFinance. He has created many technology driven innovations and services setting new industry standards. He has driven and developed premier product, customer care, risk management and processing organizations capturing profitable market share.

During his career Mr. Simmons also faced the challenges of the business interpretation, policy development and implementation for the most significant regulatory policies impacting the global markets. He is an industry recognized expert on all aspects of global high value and small value payment systems and settlement systems, operational improvement, fraud, technology, eCommerce, digital signatures/certificates and regulatory policy implementation as acknowledged by the Association of Financial Professionals, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve Bank, the OECD, and others. He is a retained payments system expert for intellectual property and patent litigation.

Mr. Simmons has worked with the FRB Payment System Risk Advisory Group, FRB Retail Payments Advisory Group, ABA Fed Wire Task Force, Visa Intl, Identrus and SWIFT; he sat on the boards or chaired committees of The Clearinghouse, the National Automated Clearing House Association, the Association of Check Safekeeping, the Electronic Check Clearinghouse Organization, EDIBANX, BAI, ASC X-9, and PhRMA.

He has been a regular speaker for the Association of Financial Professionals, NACHA, BAI, SWIFT and many others; he is frequently published by the Journal of Capital Management, Journal of Cash Management, Banking Technology News, American Banker, eCommerce News and others.

Mr. Simmons held senior management positions in global cash management, trade finance and corporate finance with J.P. Morgan, Chase Manhattan Bank, CoreStates Financial, Bank of America and Citigroup.

Mr. Simmons has also held executive and board positions with LogicaCMG, Board Advisory Services, Inc., LockStar, Inc. and CertCo, Inc.

Educated in the U.S. and Asia, Mr. Simmons graduated with a BA in Behavioral Science and Organizational Dynamics from Pennsylvania Military College. He was selected for and completed J.P. Morgan’s corporate finance and management training program. He became a Certified Cash Manager in 1993 by the Association for Financial Professionals.

In his free time, Mr. Simmons is an advisor to global Microfinance initiatives and advising many start-up companies. He and his wife Anne are parents of twins and live in New Jersey.

Laraine Terrell
Chief Operating Officer
Laraine Terrell has over 30 years of senior management experience in the banking industry, having served at JPMorgan Chase (the former Chemical Bank New York), and Bank of Hawaii’s New York Edge Office.

Ms. Terrell is an expert resource for enterprises adapting to changes in the business and regulatory environments. She has served as transition manager for numerous mergers and acquisitions, and oversaw the integration of multiple systems and platforms. As a result, Ms. Terrell is able to help BAS clients adapt their operations, customer service, technology, human resources, risk and compliance programs to meet new challenges. She assesses gaps in critical business and compliance processes, develops a corrective course of action, and leads them through the implementation of that plan.

While clients come to Ms. Terrell for help in resolving specific business or compliance challenges, she understands the paramount need to put that challenge in the fuller context of the client’s overall organizational goals. She is able to communicate a vision affectively, and motivate people to follow the vision. This approach enables the development and implementation of pragmatic and sustainable solutions.  Read More >>

John Fasanella
Client Services Director
As Client Services Director, John J. Fasanella brings over 30 years of experience in the banking and insurance industries to BAS clients. He provides clients with effective execution processes to help them integrate and consolidate business operations.

Mr. Fasanella has held numerous senior level positions for leading national and multi-national banks where he was responsible for the execution of programs in mergers and acquisitions, business integration and divestitures, operation consolidations and management of banking administration and operations.

Mr. Fasanella provided leadership and management in M&A programs at Chase, Citibank, Fleet and NatWest Bank, where he had lead roles in those banks’ due diligence process, program strategy and planning, program integration and post merger execution. As a result of this broad experience in M&A programs, Mr. Fasanella has developed an “M&A Playbook” that provides guidance to clients in all critical areas of the integration process, such as the Client Service Business (Retail and Commercial Customers), Operations, Systems & Technology, Cultural and Customer Experience.

As a Senior level manager at NatWest Bank, Mr. Fasanella had operational responsibility for over 80 Retail Banking Branches in the NJ Market, as well as the Electronic Banking Multi-channel Delivery unit. He oversaw and managed over ten M&A programs and was responsible for the integration of the operations and systems of the commercial, retail and investment banking business. In addition to this role, Mr. Fasanella was responsible for the consolidation/selling of branches in overlapped markets and the consolidation of back room operations.

As head of the Retail Banking Operation Group, Mr. Fasanella was responsible for developing and executing the Retail Banking Branch models called “The Branch of the Future” and “The Paperless Branch” that emphasized sales, services and delivering outstanding customer experience.

In the insurance industry, Mr. Fasanella was responsible for defining and delivering a mission critical strategy that helped a large insurance company transform its business model from a product-centric company to a customer-centric company. This customer-centric model would generate $50 to $100 million in annual revenue.

Mr. Fasanella holds an MBA in Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and an undergraduate degree Business Management from St Peter’s College.

Leslie Wollin
Client Services Director
Leslie Wollin has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. She has seen the evolution of paper-based to electronic systems, and recognized early on the inherent challenges and opportunities of that evolution. Ms. Wollin played a pivotal role in helping her organizations respond to and thrive in the new environment. She led the restructuring of critical business processes, and helped to conceive and deliver innovative new products and services.

Ms. Wollin has held numerous senior executive level positions, giving her extensive business experience in Operations, Quality and Process Improvement, Customer Service and Program Management. She has restructured and re-engineered business and banking operations, developed quality management programs and managed the development of Internet strategy and services.

Ms. Wollin believes that successful change and growth is planned carefully. The first step is to understand the current organization, which she accomplishes by conducting operational assessments and obtaining feedback from the affected area. Once she has a lay of the land, she develops potential scenarios for improvement, assesses the financial impacts of each scenario and works to reach consensus among the appropriate parties. Finally, she develops a plan and helps to implement the changes. Read More >>

Andrew Berti
Cofounder & CTO
Andrew Berti is the lead designer in all BAS technology solutions, including Virtual Open Door. Andrew Berti has over 16 years experience in applications development, product management, marketing, and the complete software development life cycle. He has extensive domain expertise in Supply Chain Management and e-Procurement software solutions servicing Global 2000 companies.

With investment from Chase Manhattan, Mr. Berti co-founded Metiom Inc., a successful e-Procurement and SCM technology provider. Over the next five years Metiom grew to a $208 million company. His responsibilities included defining the strategic direction of the Metiom product line, including e-Procurement, on-line catalogs, on-line transaction processing, Electronic Payments, e-Auctioning, RFP/RFQ solutions and e-marketplace technology platform.

Mr. Berti has been the designer and architect of large-scale solutions capable of handling up to 3,000,000 users and deployable to the Global 2000 market. He has also designed and built complete Internet architectures for two-way transactions over the Internet between buyers and suppliers.

Previously, he started a company with two other partners and developed a Foreign Exchange system for Thomas Cook. The system is still being used in Franchise FX booths within hotel chains and UK tourist offices.

“Most organizations have
functional heads who, in pursuit
of the goals handed to them by
the executive team, are working
at odds with their peers, and
sometimes with the company’s
overall strategic objectives
themselves. BAS helps align the
objectives of each department
so that they contribute to an
organization’s strategic direction.”

- Anne Simmons,
  Co-Founder, President
  & CEO, BAS
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