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Laraine Terrell
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Laraine Terrell has over 30 years of senior management experience in the banking industry, having served at JPMorgan Chase (the former Chemical Bank New York), and Bank of Hawaii’s New York Edge Office.

Ms. Terrell is an expert resource for enterprises adapting to changes in the business and regulatory environments. She has served as transition manager for numerous mergers and acquisitions, and oversaw the integration of multiple systems and platforms. As a result, Ms. Terrell is able to help BAS clients adapt their operations, customer service, technology, human resources, risk and compliance programs to meet new challenges arising from a variety of events, from regulatory, mergers and the market place. She assesses gaps in critical business and compliance processes, develops a corrective course of action, and leads her clients through the implementation of that plan. She is able to communicate a vision affectively, and motivate people to follow the vision.

While clients seek Ms. Terrell’s help in resolving specific business or compliance challenges, she understands the paramount need to put that challenge in the fuller context of the client’s overall organizational goals. This approach enables the development and implementation of pragmatic and sustainable solutions.

Ms. Terrell is also a strong advocate for excellence in customer service, and believes that superior customer care is crucial for stemming attrition. She has spent a principal part of her career helping organizations address all aspects of customer management, from improving customer satisfaction, increasing first contact resolution, and most importantly, transforming the relationship enterprises have with their clients or customers.

Selected Results
� Led transformation of Bank of Hawaii, including staff, systems and procedures:

  • Established and implemented Operational Risk Procedures
  • Added significant efficiency, accuracy and compliance protection

� Contributed to the development and implementation of enhanced controls and compliance procedures in Letter of Credit, Global Check & Currency Deposits and Trade Reimbursements

Ms. Terrell is also a leader in the financial industry. She has served on the Board of Directors of the International Financial Services Association, a governing body for financial institutions that sets guidelines and standards for transactional processing amongst its worldwide membership. She is also involved in many community and charitable organizations.

Ms. Terrell passionately believes that strong ethics lead to solid business practices on which companies can plan their growth. Driven by her strong sense of ethics, Ms. Terrell leads organizations through the transitions they need to serve their customers well, add shareholder value, and respect the communities in which they operate.

“Most organizations have
functional heads who, in pursuit
of the goals handed to them by
the executive team, are working
at odds with their peers, and
sometimes with the company’s
overall strategic objectives
themselves. BAS helps align the
objectives of each department
so that they contribute to an
organization’s strategic direction.�

- Anne Simmons,
  Co-Founder, President
  & CEO, BAS
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