The Lodestar Collaborative Launches Its Resilient Governance Initiative
  Lodestar's suite of tools helps clients sustain growth and innovation - especially in uncertain operating environments. Click here for press release >>
Anne M. Simmons Presents at September IIA Conference
Fraud and Ethics in the Financial Crisis
  The challenging economic conditions will continue to drive corporate cost-cutting initiatives, with a likelihood that companies will scale back using more extreme measures, even as increased government regulation requires more resources and reporting. This situation will inevitably lead to more pressure on control functions whose budgets and resources have been cut.

During this workshop, we will

  • Review the current situation, examine the strategies success companies are deploying to protect themselves
  • Discuss the kinds of fraud companies face today, and their obligations to report and combat it
  • Analyze the auditor’s role in delivering ethically driven cultures
  • Engage in a lively discussion regarding the evolving role of an internal auditor.

Participants will leave the workshop armed with new tools, techniques, and strategies to help protect their firms from fraud and other types of problems related to a lack of ethics. Click here for full article>>

Anne M. Simmons Presents at September IIA Conference
Futures Strategy: Taking it to the Next Level
  In September, Board Advisory Services once again teamed with Collective Intelligence and Futures Strategy Group for a scenario-planning event hosted by the Institute for Internal Auditors (IIA) in New York. The workshop, a continuation of a workshop the team conducted for the IIA in January 2008, helped auditors think rationally about non-traditional risks in a range of business environments. Click here for full article>>
  Anne M. Simmons Presents at January IIA Conference
How to Gain Insight and Respond To Unpredictable Risk

Five years after its enactment, SOX shepherds in a host of unintended consequences. For most auditors, it’s now evident that conventional risk and compliance models aren’t up to the job of managing non-traditional risk. This workshop examines how to manage future risk and uncertainty, while learning to cultivate a clear line of sight onto the cross-impacts of multiple kinds of risk from anywhere in their organizations.

  Jay T. Simmons Presents at Institute of Internal Auditors
Using Fraud Investigations as an ERM Tool

External fraud is on the rise! Within a two-year span, some 45% of companies worldwide have fallen victim to economic crime, representing a loss of $80 billion per year. How can an Enterprise Risk Management program understand and predict fraud? Jay Simmons discusses how to leverage the insights learned from fraud experiences and make them an integral component of ERM strategies deployed within enterprise. Click here for full article >>

“Profitability and ethics, control
and compliance are not mutually
exclusive. In fact, a commitment
to transparency and accounta-
bility will improve the way an organization operates, and foster
trust between the organization
and all of its constituents.�

- Laraine Terrell,
  Chief Operating Officer, BAS
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