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Leslie Wollin
Chief Administrative Officer and Client Services Director
Leslie Wollin has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. She has seen the evolution of paper-based to electronic systems, and recognized early on the inherent challenges and opportunities of that evolution. Ms. Wollin played a pivotal role in helping her organizations respond to and thrive in the new environment. She led the restructuring of critical business processes, and helped to conceive and deliver innovative new products and services.

Ms. Wollin has held numerous senior executive level positions, giving her extensive business experience in Operations, Quality and Process Improvement, Customer Service and Program Management. She has restructured and re-engineered business and banking operations, developed quality management programs and managed the development of Internet strategy and services.

Ms. Wollin believes that successful change and growth is planned carefully. The first step is to understand the current organization, which she accomplishes by conducting operational assessments and obtaining feedback from the affected area. Once she has a lay of the land, she develops potential scenarios for improvement, assesses the financial impacts of each scenario and works to reach consensus among the appropriate parties. Finally, she develops a plan and helps to implement the changes.

Selected Results:
� Conducted operation assessments, including financial analyses of costs in current and potential environments that provided the basis for organizational decisions and changes. These changes resulted in improvements in control accountability, productivity, client satisfaction and staff morale.

� Restructured the back office operations for a major online banking and bill payment operation into three components: sale of the wholesale processing business, outsourcing of payment processing and re-engineering of back office functions.

� Managed an online banking business servicing wholesale and retail clients. Responsibilities included sales, client relationship management, customer service, operations and product development.

� Managed the implementation of Internet services, such as electronic bill presentment and other programs that used encryption technology to provide transaction security

� Conducted a quality assessment based upon ISO 9000 standards to determine service gaps and developed a program to close those gaps. Then, managed the development and implementation of an ongoing Quality Management Program, writing the Quality Manual and training staff.

� Managed a debit card program.


“Most organizations have
functional heads who, in pursuit
of the goals handed to them by
the executive team, are working
at odds with their peers, and
sometimes with the company’s
overall strategic objectives
themselves. BAS helps align the
objectives of each department
so that they contribute to an
organization’s strategic direction.�

- Anne Simmons,
  Co-Founder, President
  & CEO, BAS
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