Planning for Growth in an Uncertain and Changing Economy
There is more than one way to respond to a challenging economy. Some companies hunker down, cut expenses, reduce their workforce and wait for boom times to return.

Other companies use the opportunity to innovate new products and re-imagine how they do business. They accept that the world has changed and seek to adapt to those changes by identifying paths that will lead to future growth.

Companies that adopt a growth mentality during a downturn are positioned to enjoy greater success once the economy begins to pick up steam. After all, these companies will have identified areas of opportunity, and will have developed and implemented business plans that target them.

As a senior manager of your enterprise, what should your path be? Can you afford to wait out the downturn? Or, knowing that growth is imperative, do you need to forge a new business plan that identifies opportunities of the future and leverages your assets to seize them?

BAS ‚Ä� Helping Companies to Grow Responsibly
Board Advisory Services helps enterprises grow responsibly, regardless of the economic conditions. We help senior executives step back from the daily crises that consume their attention, and focus on the micro and macro opportunities and challenges. We help them determine the best places to deploy their resources, assess their future, gain clarity, and develop an action plan for moving forward.

BAS Approach
BAS has developed a rational approach for helping companies grow ‚Ä� one that is built on transparency, accountability and sustainability.

By embracing transparency, companies can get a true sense of the risks they are taking, and a deeper understanding of how to balance them with the opportunities they seek. BAS can help you understand your return on risk, and manage it to your organization’s business, market and regulatory realities.

We help you institute accountability in your business processes and risk management program, enabling both better business decision-making, and management of your exposure to risk.

This approach leads to sustainable business growth: Growth that will enable you to continue to add value to your customers, investors, employees and community, regardless of the economic climate.

Expertise at your Command
We provide an objective examination of the people, processes and technology that run your business.

We can help you identify and address potential gaps in controls, enabling you to drive value for your customers, investors, employees and communities in which you operate.

You can leverage our expertise ‚Ä� stemming from decades of experience in business management and professional consulting ‚Ä� to determine what your next steps should be, and then execute on them.

Partners from the Start
Board Advisory Services works side by side with your management team, providing concise knowledge on an as-needed basis.

Our model is a simple one:

  • Identify gaps within departments and across business functions
  • Create solutions that drive value
  • Frame the communications to execute solutions
  • Step aside for your management team to lead your
    company through successful change.


“BAS was diligent in moving the
group forward. They structured
our project so that clear levels of
accountability and ownership
were set.‚Ä�

- Vice President
  Internal Audit
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