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Anne Simmons
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Anne M. Simmons, Founder and CEO of Board Advisory Services, held a number of executive positions and functions for a variety of financial service companies. Specific experience includes:

Global Banking Practice/Deloitte Consulting
1999 to 2002

Recruited by Global Banking Partner, Ms. Simmons served as a senior level business consultant in the creation of a Payments practice within Deloitte Consulting. By bringing financial services competency, industry network, and business experience to the firm, Ms. Simmons built a practice that created loyalty and leverage through meaningful contribution, mentoring, and integrity with partners, staff, and clients. She trained and identified functional experts to support client engagements, and identified and negotiated technical vendor alliances.

Ms. Simmons was also a founding member of, a subsidiary of Deloitte Consulting formed to support companies entering the Internet economy. In addition to developing the business proposition for, Ms. Simmons provided expertise and thought-leadership to a wide range of clients ranging from multi-nationals seeking to expand into the new economy to emerging dot-com organizations. Ms. Simmons helped clients develop service offerings, go-to-marketing strategies, staffing requirements and partner networks.

Selected Results:
� Ms. Simmons created bottom-line value for Deloitte Consulting, which contributed over $32 million in revenue. Her clients included Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, Bank of America, MasterCard International, BASF, and the New York Clearing House.

� As a result of her efforts, both Ms. Simmons and Deloitte Consulting emerged as recognized leaders in eBusiness, Payments and business transformation. She also helped to create industry recognition for Deloitte Consulting through her thought leadership, demonstrated in industry forums and customer engagement.

Bankers Trust Company
1998 to 1999

Ms. Simmons was hired as a Vice President by the Managing Director of Digital Business Solutions to facilitate the understanding and use of the Internet and emerging technologies by the financial services sector. She worked with key executives and business managers to assess and implement emerging technologies that delivered real and measurable improvements in business processes and customer care.

Working for the office of the Chairman and with the Venture Capital group, Ms. Simmons evaluated, recommended, designed, and executed initiatives regarding commercialization of the Internet and emerging technologies. She created lasting and sustainable value by imparting her expertise in setting realistic business goals in the context of fiscally responsible business endeavors.

Selected Results:
� Ms. Simmons served as a key member of the New World of Banking, an enterprise-wide group within the Bankers Trust executive team that was tasked with integrating the Internet into the banking model.

� Ms. Simmons evaluated, selected, and implemented various technology platforms for the development and deployment of eCommerce and Internet-based products and businesses, including Internet-initiated brokerage and FX transaction capability, merchant Internet platforms, secure email products and services, and an eCommerce service bureau as a new business venture.

She developed and communicated firm-wide policy and process for the identification and mitigation of operational, brand, and credit risks associated with Internet-based services.

� Working in conjunction with the Venture Capital group, Ms. Simmons provided business expertise in the evaluation of business propositions, recommendations for early-round investments in new ventures or additional investments in portfolio companies, and business development plans for initial formation and growth strategies. Bankers Trust investment amounts ranged from $3 million to $35 million for any single venture.

Chase Manhattan
1990 to 199
Ms. Simmons enjoyed a varied and extensive management career of innovation and leadership, expert business management, broad-scale business transformation, and merger integration during her tenure at Chase Manhattan, formerly Chemical Banking Corporation.

Originally joining as a senior product manager, she quickly assumed broader business management responsibilities, which resulted in her running mission-critical business units, including functional areas of product management, operations, technology, and customer service.

Ms. Simmons had full responsibility for P&L, business and operational ownership.

Selected Results
� Ms. Simmons developed product quality service standards by performing and analyzing market and customer research. She evaluated and implemented opportunities for in/out sourcing, organizational realignment, rationalizing distribution strategy, and re-engineering key processes. She was responsible for multiple product consolidations and organizational realignment during corporate mergers. She negotiated multi-million dollar contracts with customers and vendors, securing optimal terms and conditions for the bank.

� Ms. Simmons demonstrated the bank’s industry leadership by effectively representing it in industry forums and associations. She served as Vice-Chair of the NACHA Internet Council for four years, during which time she helped to define and implement the Certificate Interoperability Pilot and CA business practices.

� Ms. Simmons managed diverse corporate functions and services, including electronic and paper-based, customer information reporting, billing and management information systems. She managed anywhere from 6 to 100 professionals, and consistently received highest levels of upward and performance feedback. She also consistently received the highest possible ratings on her audit reports.

� Ms. Simmons managed all aspects of financial planning, including the development of revenue and expense plans, monthly forecasts, and annual pricing review. Portfolio sizes ranged from $10 million to over $50 million in annual revenue. She generated new business growth of over 20%, and achieved portfolio diversification through distinctive product, market, and pricing strategies focusing on key opportunities both domestically and globally. She consistently achieved product profitability of 50% to 65% return on revenue with efficiency ratios of over 38% return on operating expenses.

� Ms. Simmons aggressively managed profitability through improved customer retention, focused pricing programs, technology-enabled process redesign, and expense control initiatives. As a result of these efforts, she achieved productivity improvements ranging from $200,000 to $2.8 million.

Bankers Trust Company
1985 to 1990

Ms. Simmons was invited by Bankers Trust to participate in its flagship, three-year management-training program. Upon completion, Ms. Simmons emerged as an AVP, with experience and insight into all disciplines of the bank. The bank's key goals were culture, innovation and compliance, and Ms. Simmons excelled in instituting and promoting those goals in every department in which she worked.

“Most organizations have
functional heads who, in pursuit
of the goals handed to them by
the executive team, are working
at odds with their peers, and
sometimes with the company’s
overall strategic objectives
themselves. BAS helps align the
objectives of each department
so that they contribute to an
organization’s strategic direction.�

- Anne Simmons,
  Co-Founder, President
  & CEO, BAS
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